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Jun 15, 2022 06:01 AM
Jason Ching Yuen Siu
A dear friend of mine told me that I have a peculiar taste in music. I admitted it and called it VERSITILE.
The reason is that music plays an important role in my life.

Music is my medicine.

Sometimes you feel burned out after hours of studying. This happens often, especially for those in Melbourne suffering from lockdown and online learning. Rock music is often my emotional outlet. Imagine you are listening to songs with Clapton's jaw-dropping solo, Murcury's voice, Lennon's lyrics, Marcartney's melody blackbird, Pink Floyd's engineering, ACDC's electricity. This is more than comfortably numb but your stairway to heaven.
Picture of the Bealtes, Queen, Pink Floyd and Led Zep (Source)
Picture of the Bealtes, Queen, Pink Floyd and Led Zep (Source)

Music is my inspiration.

Classical music was pop music years ago. Though I still believe it is; if you listen to how Bach's masterpieces influence contemporary music, you will find joy. In a way, yes, Bach was and still is a rock star. The way of this influence reminds me how cause the past influences the present; how my writing affects your view on music.
Jazz -- Minutes of improvisation from John Coltrane sounds like randomness; but if you listen to every melody carefully, you will find how beautiful and consistent it is. Minutes of Bossa nova chills you out. Minutes of the Bill Evans trio’s harmony act like scientists trying to create a human embodiment. Minutes of Chet Baker’s blues tell you that life can be blue or not be, up to your choice.
An album of Baker and Evans (Source)
An album of Baker and Evans (Source)
Works from Lorde and Billie Ellish are incomparable even though I don’t understand why people are trying to compare them. They turn indie pop into an extreme level of melodrama.
Picture of Billy Ellish and Lorde (Source)
Picture of Billy Ellish and Lorde (Source)
This is my inspiration when people ask me where it comes from.

Music is my answer.

Life is full of questions and doubts for me. Sometimes I often feel perplexed by what I am doing, and the mighty Lennon tells you “I am the walrus. Goo goo g'joob!”. Sometimes I feel down, Bob Marley cheers me up by telling me everything's gonna be alright. Sometimes I would want to be surreal, and Bowies’ Space Oddity guides me there. Or oftentime, when we are seeking life's meaning or keep asking nonsensical questions like why does time go so fast ? What if we get high? Roger Waters answers them in Time and Comfortably numb.

Music is a tool to bridge the gap.

Bridge the gap? I remember when I was in Italy, my friends barely spoke English and I barely spoke Italian or in their vernacular. What we have in common is that we loved Queen’s music so much that we even sang Bohemian Rhapsody aloud when we were walking on the streets. The strangers were shocked at our audacity, but they joined our street-karaoke anyway. It does not matter where we are from. Music connects us.

Music is my tool to learn languages.

I learn Spanish from many songs like Bailando, Sofia, Vivir Mi Vida …. I learn German from many songs like Lieblingsmensch, Kogong …. Right, I learn languages mostly by reading multi-linguary lyrics. So that is why my taste is PECULIAR.

All in all, music is an essential part of my life. I admire these musicians, artists or whatever you call it. The people I mentioned above are way ahead of the generation. Sometimes, I wish I could be as progressive as them. If by any chance, I am more than happy to chat with you about this amazing topic with a wide range of genres.
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